Dog Collar - Tan Leather & Brass "Ruthless"

Dog Collar - Tan Leather & Brass "Ruthless"

Leather Dog Collar - ROGUE RUTHLESS Tan Leather & Brass

Bold yet understated the ROGUE RUTHLESS Tan & Brass handmade leather dog collar is unique, stunning and sure to make a statement whenever it's worn. Apart from stunning looks, the ROGUE RUTHLESS is our leather workmanship at its very BEST. Each brass cone has been individually diamond cut by hand and there is nothing like this collar throughout the world.

From this range we have NEVER had a dog collar break or fall apart, not even a single stud fall off and it comes with a FULL Money Back Guarantee on workmanship. Although classy in looks, this collar is a VERY strong well made dog collar built to last a lifetime.

The RUTHLESS collar is made from premium grade, full grain bridle leather and solid, quality brass fittings. The solid brass D-Ring is hand engraved and and sits at the middle of the collar and straddles the entire leather collar strap to ensure maximum holding strength, safety and security for your dog. This leather dog collar is made using quality solid brass fittings for strength and durability. Please read our testimonials as pictures just don't do this collar justice!

Please note the matching leads for the Brown collar are presently unavailable as they have been sold out.


  • Genuine tanned bridle leather with beveled and wax burnished edges
  • Brass double pin buckle with Brass Keepers
  • Hand made Double Ply Studded Leather Dog Collar
  • Fully padded and lined with soft white Napa Leather for comfort and protection of your dogs fur and skin.
  • Non rust brass fittings and studs
  • Collars come in four Sizes, Medium Large, X Large and XXL Collar Width Sizing Medium - 4.5cm wide  Large - 5cm wide  XL - 5.5cm wide  XXL - 6cm wide

Collar Width Sizing

  1. Medium - 4cm wide
  2. Large - 4.5cm wide
  3. XL - wide
  4. XXL - 5cm wide

Rogue Royalty has earned a reputation for producing the finest leather dog collars all over the world. Whilst many collars "look the part" they often fall apart resulting in a waste of money and defeating the functional purpose of a dog collar which is to secure your dog. We are specialists in making dog collars for large dogs and our attention to detail, form and comfort is second to none, especially since MOST of our customers are large powerful or working breeds.

Our expertise and experience with large strong dogs has helped us produce what are arguably some of the strongest dog collars and products around.From start to finish each collar is scrutinized from the leather; design, functionality and premium grade fittings. Rogue Royalty dog products are strong enough to last a lifetime yet comfortable enough to wear straight out of the box. The leather used for OUR quality dog products is premium grade bridle leather.

100% Money Back GUARANTEED Quality

In today's market, everyone's claiming to make the best quality collars but so few are prepared to stand by their claims. How many times do people purchase a great looking collar only to have it fall apart sometimes after only wearing it a few times? We stand by our products and back it up with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on quality. We are committed to our customers and if you receive your product and your not satisfied with the quality we provide a FULL refund no questions asked. If you have never owned a quality Rogue Royalty product or are unaware of our strength and quality please watch the video below and find out why we are a world leader in quality canine leather dog collars and accessories.


  1. We recommend our ALL NATURAL LEATHER BALM be applied to your leather collar immediately after purchase to provide a protective barrier for the leather outer and nourishing balm for the leather fibre interior.
  2. If leather gets too wet, do NOT speed dry it, instead dry it slowly. Drying leather too quickly alters its chemical structure, and you may end up with stiff leather. Drying at room temperature and with gentle air works better than direct sunlight or hair-dryer. Slow drying will help keep it in the shape you want.
  3. If leather gets too dry, rub Rogue Royalty All Natural Leather Balm into the leather that will nourish and protect it from the inside out.
  4. Where possible prevent leather from contact with salt water, by way of its makeup possesses corrosive qualities so is not recommend for leather.
  5. Don't wrap leather in plastic. This will keep it ventilated and help prevent mold and fungal growth. Clean as necessary with a damp cloth.