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Meet The Rogue Pack

  Wendell  "The Cleaner" 

The man that started the journey...
Wanna be rapper, lover of old skool hip hop, argile, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, gardening, reading, tending to his chickens and always has his crews back.
Family man, proud father and all round great guy ...unless you mistreat animals.

Beau " Boo Boo "

The glue that holds the Rogue HQ place together we're still working out his job description but for now its Mr Can Do.

Doting father to three beautiful children, incredible attention to detail, bone dry humour with "slight" OCD tendencies and zero tolerance for unwashed cups oh and Beau likes pickles. A lot.

Louise "Lou Lou"

Newest kid on the block.
Graphic Design and Marketing princess.
Mummy to cyclone Jaxen, love of her life.
Head banger, punk rocker and female Bear Grylls wannabe but mostly dirtbike riding and 4WD.
Bubbly personality, always smiling...just don't touch her gym pre-workout cocktails. 


Losa" Lover"

Losa oversees our food processing facilities.
She's damn good at it too. A toasty warm heart of gold, Losa takes so much pride in her work and would do anything for anyone wich explains her name "Lover"!
With a hands on, no nonsense attitude, she's a star and always gets the job done .....when Beau's not playing pranks on her.

Haneefa "Sneaky Neefy"

Our little Rogue firecracker!
Mum to lil chubby cheeky Jacob and two German Shepherds dog's are her life.  Neefy looks after customer service and retail at Rogue HQ. She's been involved in dog sports and training for a number of years.

Rogue and Neefy go wayyyy back!
Starting off as a customer and turning into Rogue familia. Straight talker, junk food lollies FREAK ...did we already mention firecracker?

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