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Our Weighted Dog Vest is designed with four main purposes:

  • Build stamina and strength in your dog during exercise.
  • Burn excess energy in a dominant or aggressive dog. (A tired dog is less "wired" dog!)
  • Intensify exercise time
  • Assist in weight loss for overweight dogs


  • The Weighted Vest should NOT be used on puppies or dogs under 2 years of age. Dogs usually reach maturity between 18 - 24 months old and
    you do not want to damage their joints or structure by over working them or over exercising them whilst they are still developing.
  • Weight pulling or weighted vest activity must always be supervised
  • Weight pulling or weighted vest conditioning must be increased gradually.
  • Working your dog in excessive heat or extreme temperatures is not recommended and can be fatal


The Rogue Royalty Weighted Vest is made from a premium quality heavy duty cordura denier backed fabric that is double stitched and well built in construction. The Weighted Canine Vest was designed with safety of the dog in mind and has fully adjustable girth and front straps with a shape and design the provides a professional contoured fit.

There are several horizontal side pocket channels that one can slide the individual 230 Gram Weight Ingots into so the weight can be increased incrementally as it suits. Furthermore it keeps the weight snug against the body of the dog so the weights don’t move or hit against the dogs body or spine. The Rogue Royalty Weight Vest is built with the utmost quality standards to ensure years of usage and benefit for both you and your dog.

Size of Jacket Total Weight
(Jacket Fully Loaded)
Fits Girth Circumference Fits Base of Neck Circumference
Small 2.29KG 48cm - 70cm 31cm-38cm
Medium 4.22KG 53cm - 63cm 39cm - 51cm
Large 7.13KG

64cm - 88cm

X-Large 9.56KG 94cm - 130cm 68cm-76cm