Are you into getting recognised and rewarded for good work?
Motivated to work for an Australian company that's on a mission?
Rogue Royalty is looking for a brilliant crew member to join our small but dynamic team.

Rogue Royalty:
Established in a suburban backyard in 2009, Rogue Royalty is a pet lifestyle brand with an edgy, street vibe that is growing worldwide and this why you're reading this. We've designed and created our own range of quality accessories (they carry 10 year or LIFETIME Warranties), our own natural grooming and a range of all natural Australian made nutrition range.
We wholesale and retail locally and worldwide with such a broad portfolio we are busting at the seams busy so we need someone who can get amongst it and help manage the workload of a growing company.

*The Position:
We're no ordinary company and this is no ordinary job.
This position involves a blend of retail. marketing and administration skills:

- Managing day to day business affairs
- Customer service and enquiries
- Preparing all customer orders for dispatch
- Contributing to brand development through creative ideas
- Providing a premium experience for our customers at all times
- Maintaining websites & Managing online orders and customer enquiries
- Liasing with various suppliers and service providers

Yes we want it all and why not? We're not afraid of hard work and we're after like minded people ...and that means not just working at any dead end job. Our brand has meaning and value and we love what we do and since you're spending 80% of your time at a job you may as well make it count also!

The Location:
Campbelltown in the rapidly developing MacArthur region! If you don’t know this place is booming, it’s a massive growth area so we need someone to help service our local and international growing customer base.

Why Should You Apply?
- Excellent career growth opportunities
- Above award wage + superannuation
- A satisfying job in a friendly and supportive atmosphere
- Because you have an awesome work ethic, right?

The Heads Up:
If you really really want this opportunity, here’s a few clues as to what might get you on our shortlist:

- Your cover letter...because we need to KNOW WHY you're special and why we should interview you...(plus if you're just shotgunning your resume looking for any ol' job this isn't for you)
- Work hours - what time you turn up and leave says a lot about you:)
- Flexible duties - sometimes you’re helping to unload a truck and next minute you’re brainstorming for an upcoming marketing campaign...can you handle that?
- Beyond and above the call...we always appreciate this!
- Manners, empathy and ethics - our most important core value.
- An inherent sense of time’ll be an investment for us!
- Experience in Marketing, Graphic design or Social Media or Photography isn’t essential but would go a long way!

- Experience - meh...not necessary really. We’d prefer to work with someone who has loads of potential and is willing to be trained the Rogue way!
- Well organised and presented with great people skills is a MUST!
- Coachable - we're into self development and who doesn't need to improve their game?
- References - yes, we would like to hear a bit from others about your approach to work, presentation and how you interact with past team members.
- Naturally we LOVE what we do and we’re going to want to know specifically WHY you want in!

Because we only employ staff of uber-high quality, jobs with Rogue don’t come up much. If you think you are exactly who we’re looking for, well then...get cracking and contact us:)
Submit applications or call 02 4620 7660