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Leather Dog Collar - RuffNeck Brown & Chrome (Wide Fit)


Rogue "RuffNeck" wide fit dog collar range are a wide profile dog collar made for those who prefer a wider fit sturdy dog for everyday use.lar.  They are designed to be a  comfortable, practical and functional leather dog collar with a touch of urban street style. 

Each collar is a hand made unique piece, we provide 100% customer satisfaction or refund - money back guarantee.  If you're looking for a strong leather dog collar with swag that can take the rough and tumble of your dog this is it. 

The leather will age into a soft, smooth feel as only leather does. The wide profile fit and soft padding provides a wider surface area so the throat is given more support and comfort when walking, training or for dogs that tend to pull.  Over time, the leather collar will soften and mould into a comfortable, natural contoured fit unique to your dog.

The heavy duty solid steel D-Ring loops around the entire middle of the collar and solid stainless steel roller buckle ensure maximum strength, safety and comfort for your dog.  

Leather is a natural, unique fibre.  We take every effort to maintain colour consistency however no two pieces are the same and at times there maybe some slight colour variations between collars. 

Dog Collar Sizing

  • Medium (4cm Wide)
  • Large(5cm Wide)
  • X Large(5.5cm Wide)
  • XXL(6cm Wide)

They are perfect for staffies up to extra large mastiffs, we have a size to suit all medium to extra large dogs.