SupaTuff® Heavy Duty Dog Harness

SupaTuff® Heavy Duty Dog Harness

HEAVY DUTY DOG HARNESS "THIS HARNESS COULD HOLD A HORSE"...The first and last harness you will probably buy for your dog."This harness could hold a horse" is a quote from our customer who purchased one, which really says it all about this near indestructible dog harness. The SupaTuff® heavy duty dog harness was produced after extensive research, design, testing...and more testing. We have built a tough as nails dog harness for strength, convenience and versatility for almost any occasion. It truly is the ULTIMATE STRONG DOG HARNESS. Your dog is provided with the comfort of a specially designed dog harness with wide straps, quality stainless steel hardware and a free style design that does not impede movement or activities.

It's also long lasting, water-proof, colour fast and can withstand the harshest conditions. If you're tired of regular harnesses breaking - you need to have a SupaTuff® dog harness.

How the Rogue Royalty SupaTuff® Dog Harness outperforms other conventional harnesses

  • Extremely well built, strong and durable ULTRA STRONG dog harness.
  • Harness straps are 5cm wide and triple ply.
  • This dog harness is made from a highly durable webbing material which will last for many many years.
  • Suits Medium to Large Breeds eg. from Staffys/German Shepherds/ Boxers/Labradors and Mastiff breeds.
  • Double Ply straps ensure this dog harness WILL NOT BREAK
  • Stainless Steel Double prong buckles and and Welded D Rings

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