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Rogue Royalty Shoulder Bag

Rogue Royalty Beach/Shoulder bag

44cm High, 13cm Deep and 30 cm Wide Heavy Duty carry bag made from sustainable jute fibre. It has long wide soft cotton handles and the inside is re-inforced with lining for extra water and dust resistance.It's the perfect bag for general purpose use from the beach, picnics and just out and about.

About Jute Fibre

Jut fibre is growing in popularity due to it's environmentally sustainable properties. This hardy plant fibre used to make items such as rope, twine, chair coverings, curtains, sacks, hessian cloth, carpets, and even the backing used on linoleum. This is accomplished by spinning the fibre into a coarse thread. Jute fibre is increasingly being looked at as an alternative source for making paper, rather than cutting down trees for pulp. The thread created from jute is quite strong and it also has exceptional insulating properties, low thermal conductivity, and antistatic characteristics.

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