Dog Leash - Ultra Soft Slip Leash

Dog Leash - Ultra Soft Slip Leash

Ultra Soft Slip Dog Leash.

105cm long - One Size Fits All Our slip leash fits chihuahuas to St Bernard's, endless uses and fits in your pocket. Ultra soft, ultra lightweight and ultra strong! Vet visits, new puppies, boarding kennels, breeders, dog parks, beach trips short walks the uses for this leash are endless. It's a must have for any serious dog owner. Made from strong yet ultra soft webbing the slip leash can be used on any type of dog and is extremely soft and and gentle on the skin. It can be used in all weather conditions and is easy to clean and store (fits into trouser pockets).

We don't use polyester rope, even though it's a cheaper alternative it is very harsh on both dog and handler.

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