Dog Leash - SupaTuff Heavy Duty Strong Dog Leash

Dog Leash - SupaTuff Heavy Duty Strong Dog Leash 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED QUALITY.

Tired of buying dog leashes? Here's another outstanding heavy duty strong dog leash from the SupaTuff® Heavy Duty range of dog training equipment and accessories. If you need an extremely strong dog leash that will last for years to come - you can't go past the SupaTuff® Heavy Duty Dog Leash. It is the ultimate general purpose strong dog leash, made from high quality ASAT material that is colourfast and can take a beating in any weather conditions wet,dry and in between.

Rated by many as the world's strongest dog leash, this heavy duty strong dog leash is boxed stitched and to make it even stronger, this dog leash is re-enforced at both the handle and head-latch. The interior of the handle is soft leather padded for comfort and grip and we only us our custom Rogue Royalty Heavy Duty Solid Stainless Steel Bull Snaps.

This ultra strong dog leash can withstand the strains of any powerful dog. Our SupaTuff Heavy Duty Dog Leash provides you with a premium quality dog leash that ensures you have confidence and peace of mind to handle even the strongest of dogs.Our dog leashes are built with functionality and practicality in mind so they are ideal for training and handling large dogs that need a secure hold. The SupaTuff® Heavy Duty dog leash can also withstand the elements and is rust proof, water resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

Special Features of SUPA TUFF Strong Dog Handle-Leash

  • Box stitched and re-enforced at both the handle and head-latch.
  • Built in a leather padded handle for comfort and grip.
  • Heavy Duty, Solid Stainless Steel Rogue Royalty bull snap.
  • 120cm x 3cm wide
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Wont rust or corrode

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