Dog Harness - SupaTuff Slimline (Purple)

Dog Harness - SupaTuff Slimline (Purple)

Genuine purple leather dog leash 110cm


Lightweight, super strong and all weather, this harness is the perfect strong dog harness for dogs from the smaller types such as spaniels and pugs to larger type dogs such as bull terriers and border collies. The SupaTuff ® Slimline dog harness was produced after countless customer requests for a STRONG dog harness for SMALL dogs and puppies.

The amazing popularity of it's big brother the SupaTuff ® Heavy Duty Dog harness has spread worldwide and so many customers wanted a QUALITY harness with the same attributes for smaller dogs. The SupaTuff dog harness range is literally the best and strongest harness you can buy for your dog. They're long lasting, water-proof, colour fast and can withstand the harshest conditions. If you're tired of regular harnesses breaking then a SupaTuff ® dog strong harness is for you.

Size Medium fits most English Staffies, and size Small fits most medium breed size puppies. Size Large in this harness will usually fit up to labradors, Collies and mid-large dogs.

It's important to have your dog used to wearing a dog harness from an early age. This will ensure the dog is familiar with a harness and also can keep your puppy safe especially in the adventurous phases of their development, a time when they need safety and control the most. The Rogue Royalty SupaTuff Dog Harness outperforms conventional harnesses and our customers reviews back up our claims.

Our dog harness features include

  • Extremely strong and hardwearing. This harness is made from an ASAT webbed material which will last for many many years.
  • NO PLASTIC or velcro is used with these products
  • Double Ply straps ensure this dog harness WILL NOT BREAK
  • Strong steel fittings/buckles and and Welded D Rings
  • Water and Rot Resistant Harness for perfect for ALL GENERAL PURPOSE WEAR Easy to care for and simply soak in soapy water for 10 mins, rinse off and it's ready to go again.

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