Dog Collar - SupaTuff Slimline (Purple) CLEARANCE

Dog Collar - SupaTuff Slimline (Purple) CLEARANCE


Made from premium quality webbing and double these collars have all the amazing features of the SupaTuff dog collar except in a 2.5cm width. This really is the ultimate all purpose dog collar that can be worn every day and is great for all types of environments.

They are ideal for puppies and small dogs

No aspect of detail has been ignored in designing and producing these collars. If you take a closer look the collar has an overlap for added strength yet it's slimline design means it can be worn by almost any dog. The fittings are solid stainless steel, the holes are re-inforced by stainless steel eyelets and your dog is secured by the trademarked Rogue Royalty moulded D-Ring. Ideal for small strong dogs on the go!

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