Dog Collar - SUPATUFF® Heavy Duty Black

Dog Collar - SUPATUFF® Heavy Duty Black



Looking for the ultimate strong dog collar? Our SupaTuff ® dog collar is one HEAVY DUTY DOG COLLAR. The SupaTuff ® strong dog collar, is made from quality steel fittings and premium grade webbing, making it no nonsense and tough as nails. It's the real deal if you need a STRONG DOG COLLAR for everyday use.

The SupaTuff ® range are arguably the STRONGEST DOG COLLARS on the planet - suitable for any type of dog. They are a must for big strong dogs that require a LONG LASTING, SAFE and SECURE dog collar. The name SupaTuff ® is no gimmick - our extremely well built dog collars can hold the strongest of dogs, with no dog ever breaking (or looking like breaking) it. The SupaTuff ® range is used and recommended by professional dog trainers and protection specialists around the world. The SupaTuff ® dog collars are everything you need in a strong dog collar, with style and comfort to match.


  1. 5cm Wide band and triple ply for broad support and strength.
  2. Strong and durable collars.
  3. Lightweight yet EXTREMELY strong dog collars.
  4. Double pronged buckles for extra strength and safety.
  5. Welded D-Ring for easy use and functionality.
  6. Rot and mildew resistant, ideal if you live in wet areas or if you're dog is an outdoor dog.

These truly are no nonsense dog collar's that provide the ultimate safety and comfort for your best friend.The SupaTuff ® Range of Heavy Duty Dog gear is designed and made exclusively by Rogue Royalty. The SupaTuff ® Heavy duty range of accessories for dogs includes:

SupaTuff ® Dog Collar - Very Strong dog collar in a variety of sizes for dogs that need heavy duty gear. SupaTuff ® Dog Harness - Very Strong dog harness with a free-form style that is amazing quality.
SupaTuff ® Dog Leash - Very Strong dog leash with a leather padded handle and solid brass head latch for added strength and security for holding powerful dogs.
SupaTuff ® Dog Leash Coupler - Walk two dogs at once with our heavy duty couplers.

Genuine Leather and Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar


A FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is available if you're not happy with the quality when you receive the item. It's our commitment to you, our valued customer, of how far we go to back up our products quality and workmanship.

Sizes available for English Staffy's up to Bullmastiff's and Dane's.

Genuine Leather and Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar

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