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Dog Collar - SUPATUFF® Heavy Duty "Rogue Royalty"

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Looking for the ultimate strongest dog collars?  Our SupaTuff collars are Heavy Duty an come with a MONEY BACK QUALITY GUARANTEE and LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

If you're still worried about our quality watch the video below.

Not only are they a truly HEAVY DUTY dog collar, they are easy to clean and are made from custome woven webbing that is  strong yet comfortable for your dogs neck.
There are many imitations using stiffer material that has no benefit for the dog, it's just cheaper material.

We DO NOT use plastic fittings.  Our fittings are made from stainless steel. The double pin roller buckle is used for extra safety, strength and peace of mind so you know  your collar cannot unclip accidentally.

Our Heavy Duty dog collars are the real deal.  Many professional dog handlers, trainers and working canine units worldwide use and recommend our SupaTuff range.  In Africa several anti poaching canine working units have used our gear for many years.

Our collars are a one off investment and are designed to last literallyt forever.
They are suiteable for everyday use and can take all conditions.  This range of dog collars are highly recommended for big strong dog breeds that require a long lasting and secure dog collar.

We promise you we take your dogs safety and the enviroment very seriously.  The SupaTuff range is no gimmick and we aim to stop a throw away socitey by providing collars that can we worn for beyond a lifetime.