Complete Core Collection -Natural Dog Treats


Our treats are 100% Australian produce. They are NOT made from derivatives, waste, imported or "pet grade" by products. If using inferior ingredients wasn't enough, we also do not add to the mix salt, sugars and preservatives and you've got what we feel is a very unhealthy cocktail. Put simply there is way too much "junk food" being sold for pets which is packed with fats, sugars and preservatives. Such a diet may lead to greater health issues with your dog such as obesity, cancers, poor inner health and reduced lifespan. Your dog's behaviour is also related to diet and it's hard to believe how chemical preservatives and sugars can have a positive effect on your dog.

It's the reason we developed our own range of nutritional products, and it seems the dogs know it! Our healthy dog treats have earned the name "canine crack" due to the way that most dogs simply crave them. Our natural treats are extremely effective as a dog training aid because of the focus and attraction you get from your dog. You need not used big chunks either. Our treats can be fed as shavings the size of large chili flakes and the dogs still go crazy for them!

100g option includes:

  • 1 X 100g bag of Green Tripe Jerky
  • 1 X 100 bag of Goat Organ Jerky
  • 1 X 100 bag of Beefy Collagen Chews

200g option includes:

  • 1 X 200g bag of Green Tripe Jerky
  • 1 X 200 bag of Goat Organ Jerky
  • 1 X 200 bag of Beefy Collagen Chews