Chicken Organ Jerky

Chicken Organ Jerky

Why give just a treat when you can give a natural feat?

Did you know meat has very low nutritional value compared to the organ  of an animal? With this in mind we've produced all natural Chicken Organ Treats as a nutrient dense health supplement for dogs and cats.

  • 2 in 1 Treat & Health Supplement
  • Extremely Concentrated Nutrition
  • All Natural
  • 28 + Minerals & Vitamins
  • Skin & Coat Health
  • High Iron

    Our natural Chicken Organ  treats are EXTREMELY powerful and beneficial as a supplement. Here's why.  When jerky is air dried almost all the water is extracted from the product, around and the fresh produce is reduced to around 20% of its original weight.  So a 200 gram packet was once approximately one kilogram of fresh produce.  Also since the water is extracted it leaves a highly nutrient dense food and supplement product.

    Why Our Treats?

    • Naturally air dried so all the goodness is retained.
    • Convenient to store and feed.
    • No salt used to cure our treats.
    • 100% Australian produce.
    • Marinated with herbs that fortify your dogs immune system.
    • No dead, diseased or dying animal remains used.

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