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Shark Jerky Dog Treats

Why give just a treat when you can give a natural feat?

Shark Jerky is an excellent diet addition for dogs and cats.
Extremely high in all Omegas it's excellent for coat and skin health as well as joints and overall inner well being.

  • Extremely concentrated nutrition 

  • 100% All Natural

  • No Preservatives

  • Excellent protein alternative to white meat

  • Skin and Coat Health

  • High Omegas

Crammed with natural vitamins and nutrition, our air dried natural Shark Jerky dog treats are made from sustainable produce fished from the Souther Coastal waters of Australia.

Our natural Shark treats are EXTREMELY powerful and beneficial as a supplement. Here's why.  When jerky is air dried almost all the water is extracted from the product, around and the fresh produce is reduced to around 20% of its original weight.  So a 200 gram packet was once approximately one kilogram of fresh produce.  Also since the water is extracted it leaves a highly nutrient dense food and supplement product.

Why OurTreats?

  • Naturally air dried so all the goodness is retained.

  • Convenient to store and feed.

  • Highly nutritional by nature.

  • No salt used to cure our treats.

  • 100% Australian produce.

  • Marinated with herbs that fortify your dogs immune system.

  • No dead, diseased or dying animal remains used.