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Goat Jerky Treats


  • Naturally air dried so all the goodness is retained.
  • Convenient to store and feed.
  • Highly nutritional by nature.
  • No salt used to cure our treats.
  • 100% Australian produce.
  • Only marinated with herbs that fortify your dogs immune system.
  • No dead, diseased or dying animal remains used

Goat Jerky Dog Treats are made from the hearts, lungs, liver and trachea of healthy wild bush goats.  Not intensively farmed animals and have led a healthy life in the wild free from intensive farming practice and mistreatment.  It's a healthier source of nutrition for your dog and more ethically and environmentally sound. Goats are  highly resilient, clean animals which is why they thrive in Australian conditions. Our product is HUMAN GRADE quality and GUARANTEED your dog is receiving the finest quality produce available.

NOT made from derivatives, waste, imported or "pet grade" by products.
No added salt, sugars, preservatives as there is way too much "junk food" being sold for pets  packed with these substances. These lead to greater health issues such as obesity, cancers, poor inner health and reduced lifespan. Your dog's behavior is also related to diet and chemical preservatives and sugars can have many effects on your dog.

It's the reason we developed our own range of nutritional products, and it seems the dogs know it! Our healthy dog treats have earned the name "canine crack" due to the way that most dogs simply crave them. Our natural treats are extremely effective as a dog training aid because of the focus and attraction you get from your dog. You need not used big chunks either. Our treats can be fed as shavings the size of large chili flakes and the dogs still go crazy for them!


Goat Jerky is bursting with essential vitamins, minerals and so many benefits for the teeth and coat of your dog. Whilst many commercial dog treats have been made "palatable" for dogs by additives and chemical enhancers our natural dog treats are completely natural and processed using only premium grade ingredients and products.


Offal is a vital part of a dogs diet; left to their own devices dogs will eat many sources of meat, and ALL of the animal. Many pets lack nutrients due to imbalanced diets. It’s important to feed your dog all of the organs and parts of an animal they would naturally eat as hunters. Organ meats are the most nutrient-dense part of the animal and goat organs is one of the cleanest as it is from wild ranged goats, free from all the chemicals and issues associated with factory farms.


  • Organ meats are more nutrient dense than meat. Organs have heavy doses of B vitamins such as: B1, B2, B6, folic acid and vitamin B12...and are crammed with essential minerals
  • Organ meats have some of the highest concentrations of naturally occurring vitamin D which is one of the most important vitamins for numerous body functions. Vitamin D deficiency is related to muscle weakness, fractures, common cancers, autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases.
  • Organ meats contain high amounts of the essential fatty acids and are loaded with these important nutrients EPA & DHA
  • Liver is one of the most concentrated sources of natural vitamin A of any food. 
Natural vitamin A works to aid digestion, keeps sex organs/reproductive organs healthy, and is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Liver is a great source of folic Acid, B vitamins which help with fatigue, mental ability and nerve health, as well as preventing anemia. It also contains one of the best, most usable sources of iron, a lack of iron will have a direct effect on the immune system. The primary function of iron is oxygen transport and cell respiration and iron in liver is one of most easily absorbable and usable sources.
  • Liver contains an anti-fatigue factor, which is likely to do with improving the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood cells, increasing endurance and strength in athletes of all species.
  • Heart meat packs more protein, unique nutrients and is a very concentrated source of the super nutrient, CoQ10 which is vital for  functioning of cells, optimizing the heart’s rhythm. 
  • Heart contains selenium, phosphorus and zinc, along with essential amino acids that help build muscle, store energy and boost stamina and endurance and contains twice as much collagen and elastin than regular meat.