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YEAST ATTACK PACK | Problem/Yeasty Skin

Formulated using all Natural human grade ingredients our Yeast Attack Pack is sure to neutralize any yeasty skin whilst nourishing and rejuvenating your dogs coat.

Yeast Attack Pack Contents:

Shine & Shield Shampoo & Conditioner:

Created with a silky blend of essential oils including neem, coconut, hemp seed, sweet almond, olive, eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Our Shine & Shield Combo contains natural Anti-Fungal properties perfectly designed to nullify stubborn skin issues, whilst strengthening and nourishing the coat for a deep clean without stripping your dog's natural oils.

Mineral Milk: 

Our Mineral Milk is a Highly effective, fast acting and ultra cleansing derma lotion made from all natural ingredients including fabled Dead Sea Minerals and essential oils. Use our lotion if your dog has lesions, skin sores or just needs a super deep skin cleansing lotion. Our Mineral Milk contains high levels of zinc, perfect for neutralizing yeast.