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Intense Cleanse - Skin Problems

Mineral Milk Intense Cleanse

Dead Sea Mineral skin cleanse and Mineral Spritzer for stubborn and severe skin ailments. Recommended for 

  • Hot spots
  • Bites
  • Yeasty skin
  • General skin issues

Skin Cleanse Lotion

Highly effective, fast acting and ultra cleansing derma lotion made from all natural ingredients including fabled Dead Sea Minerals and essential oils. Use our lotion if your dog has lesions, skin sores or just needs a super deep skin cleansing lotion. Available in three sizes 250ml, 500ml and 1 liter.

Instructions for use:

  1. Apply liberally to affected area.
  2. Allow to soak as long as possible
  3. Rinse of with water
  4. Repeat as required
  5. Can be used as an application leave on lotion (we recommend Mineral Mist Spritzer for ongoing support)


"I will NEVER buy any other shampoo now. And the best part about it is that it also smells great! Rogue have then stepped up their game and brought out Mineral Milk Lotion. Now where do I start, even though we had fixed her itching problem she still had a bald patch on her hind leg and dry scabby looking ears. Talking with their very helpful staff, they told me about a new lotion they had brought out and sent us a sample to try. All I can say is THANK YOU after just a few applications a problem we had for the past year is now gone. Her fur has now grown back and her ears well let's just say you would never know she ever had any problems.

Just after a week of using it has fixed all problems that we had been fighting to fix for over a year. And just another example on how GREAT this lotion is , is that our girl got a infection in her paw pads which smelled really bad and had yellow puss coming out. Just one message to Wendell asking if it would help and finding out the it's perfect for infections we gave it a go. Within just 3 days a infected paw was now smelling normal and no puss could be seen,  it was gone . Saved so much money on vet bills just from using Rogues all Natural products.

Biggest thanks from us and bigger thanks for our girl Mercy." 

- A. Davies (Wollongong)

"I can't thank you enough! I was getting ready to head out to run errands and grab some shampoo and mineral milk from Rogue Royalty when Princess decided to go roll in a pile of cut grass. This would normally mean lumps, red spots and itchy misery for several days, setting back her healing time by days. 

One application of mineral milk and she stopped scratching within minutes and 5 hours later still isn't scratching. This is the first time she's stopped itching in around 2 months. I'm so happy I could cry. Big thank you to Rogue Royalty"
- M. LeFay

 "Our boy Diesel developed a rash approximately a month ago. As a blue english staffy we have always been concientious about his skin however this rash was worse than any other we had seen. It caused hair loss and irritation and began to grow in size. We tried everything to get rid of it before finally taking him to the vet where they tested him for a number of skin conditions including mites and ring worm. All tests came back negative. It seemed that steroids were our only option but we were hesitant to put him onto them. After a short talk with the guys at rogue we were turned on to mineral milk formula. After a single wash the rash had crusted over and peeled away. After a second wash his hair became softer and started to grow back. We are confident that after a few more washes he'll be good as new. Thankyou so much to the team at Rogue Royalty. You always know what to do."

- R. Ariane (Sydney)

 Thank you so much team! My dog was bitten by some unknown wildlife and broke out into a bad infected patch on his cheek, You supplied me with a miracle unicorn juice that sorted it out within days! 2 days after starting him on this cream it started to heal and within a week hair started growing back. 3 weeks later he recovered 100% without a single scar! I cannot thank you all so much for all your help and advice. You are GODS!!! Much love Rogue Royalty!

- V. Sharma ( Sydney)

 “This miracle Mineral Milk has blessed my blue boy with the shiniest and healthiest coat. Since my purebred staffy was a puppy, he’s had all kinds of skin problems and now, he rolls around in the grass for hours on end with no irritation. This product has been our saviour. I truly swear by and have recommended it to all my friends who own dogs with skin issues. My boy is happy, healthy and smells amazing. My boy Rex and I thank Rogue Royalty for such a brilliant product!"

 - Natalie