Everyday Shampoo | "Shine & Shield"

Everyday Shampoo | "Shine & Shield"

Natural Dog Shampoo "Shine & Shield"

Natural Dog Shampoo "Shine & Shield" is a natural blend of essential oils formulated by us at Rogue Royalty. As with everything we do, our all natural pet shampoo range are highly functional and extremely effective and fast acting.

So many brands claim "natural" or "holistic" we stand apart as we are truly premium and our shampoos are HUMAN GRADE quality, a mark of excellence in our standards.

Our proprietary blend includes neem, tea tree, eucalyptus, hemp seed, coconut and tea tree oils. This shampoo is formulated with natural oils that have amazing beneficial properties that we encourage you to research further. Our shampoo provides a thorough cleanse and is ideal if you are after a natural, gentle and of course safe, all purpose shampoo.

Our secret natural blend doubles as both a shampoo and conditioner all in one to save you both money and time. Shine and Shield Natural Dog Shampoo is a highly effective cleaner and will leave the skin and coat ultra clean with out stripping the coat from natural oils.


See the feedback on our shampoos! We are the official shampoo of choice for Staffy Rescue


Did you know whatever you apply to your dog’s exterior seeps into the bloodstream within minutes? We are completely committed to producing the best quality natural shampoos for your beloved companions and we use only the finest ingredients we can source for all of our natural canine products. Our dog shampoo blend has been formulated for what we see as an ever-increasing number of dog skin and coat ailments. We provide a safe, gentle, NATURAL option for your dog. Our natural dog shampoo contains no synthetic chemicals or surfactants like so many other commercial dog shampoos.

Many of the chemical surfactants used in dog shampoos are petroleum based and are known carcinogens. Although some carcinogens may cause cancer, only after prolonged high levels of exposure, it may still pose a problem to the dog and handler. Whatever is put on your dogs skin will be ingested through the skin and into the dogs system, in light of this fact we have produced a natural alternative to help with the fight against fleas.

If your dog has fleas or mites, it is highly recommended to clean the kennel and bedding environment as these can also harbour parasites and it is known that re-infestation may occur due to the surrounds.

We use premium grade oils and extract infusions and the main ingredients of our dog shampoo are as listed below:

  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Wheat Germ Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil & Canola Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Tea tree oil

What our customers say about our Natural Dog Shampoo

"We LOVE it! Our Staffy has struggled with allergies from grasses and weeds her whole life, but after changing to your shampoo and following your diet advice her skin has improved beyond what we could have hoped for. She now goes to the dog park and lies around on the grass like a normal dog should. No more scratching, no more paw licking... And this was a dog who was having antihistamines twice a day for preventative measures. Her reactions are now quite minimal and don't seem to irritate her to the point of scratching. And to top it off, it smells beautiful. Won't use anything else..."

Amy T, Sydney

"Well where do I start? This shampoo is amazing 11 out of 10 is my rating. I own and breed Rottweiler & Bulldogs. Bullies have sensitive skin but this works a treat! They have never been so soft, shiny and flea free. Absolutely love it and highly recommend it!"

Kye, Sydney

"We use it on all our dogs and have awesome results. Not only does it smell great, it’s awesome on the sensitive Staffy skin and helps keeps the fleas away as well. We recommend it as the shampoo of choice at Staffy Rescue"

Staffy Rescue

" I can’t help but LOVE this shampoo. Not just because it smells so good, but because it works! We have had hundreds of dogs through our home as foster dogs for Puppy Love Rescue and a good percentage of these little ones have had mange. One dog in particular was so bad, the vets considered euthanasia. This is when we discovered RR shampoo. Not only did it help take the heat out of the mange skin quickly, but it helped soothe the itching to a point when the poor affected dog could actually rest comfortably. This was a HUGE bonus! I estimate that the mange effected dog's recovery time was cut by about a third just by using RR shampoo. Now I use it on EVERY dog that comes through our home, whether they have mange, sensitive skin or nothing wrong at all. AND I’m using it on my rescue brumby that has Queensland itch!"

Puppy Love Rescue

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