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SUPATUFF® Heavy Duty Black Dog Harness


"This harness could hold a horse"... The Supatuff®Heavy Duty Dog Harness is the first and last harness you will probably buy for your dog. We designed this to be tough with strength, convenience and versatility for almost any occasion. With comfortable wide double ply nylon straps, quality stainless steel hardware and a free style design, the Heavy Duty Dog Harness does not impede movement or activities. Suitable for any weather conditions this sturdy construction can hold the largest and strongest of dogs.

Not only are they a truly HEAVY DUTY dog harness, they are easy to clean and are made from custome woven webbing that is  strong yet comfortable for your dog to wear. There are many imitations using stiffer material that has no benefit for the dog, it's just cheaper, stiffer material.

We DO NOT use plastic fittings.  Our fittings are made from stainless steel. The double pin roller buckle is used for extra safety, strength and peace of mind so you know  your harness cannot unclip accidentally.

Our Heavy Duty dog harnesses are the real deal.  Many professional dog handlers, trainers and working canine units worldwide use and recommend our SupaTuff range.  In Africa several anti poaching canine working units have used our gear for many years.

Our harnesses are a one off investment and are designed to last literally forever.
They are suitable for everyday use and can take all conditions.  This range of dog harnesses are highly recommended for big strong dog breeds that require a long lasting and secure dog harness.

We promise you we take your dogs safety and the enviroment very seriously.  The SupaTuff range is no gimmick and we aim to stop a throw away socitey by providing collars that can we worn for beyond a lifetime.

  • NO plastic fittings used
  • Double-ply webbing for strength and durability
  • Double pin stainless steel buckles
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Ultra-strong D-Ring for maximum resistance
  • Weather, rot and mildew resistant
  • Suits Medium to Large Breeds
  • 48mm wide straps

Committed to Quality

A FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is available if you're not happy with the qualIty when you receive the item. It's our commitment to you, our valued customer that we back up our products quality and workmanship.


"Rogue Royalty make the best equipment for your beloved dog . I have two full grown American Staffys and they are strong and nearly unstoppable animals and I live near bushland where we have roos and have had suspicious activity where the dogs have broken off their poor quality leads and collars and ran off for hours , lucky to get them back I quickly updated to Rogue Royalty , also their thick studded leather collars protect the neck from attacks from other dogs that had been uncontrolled and gone for the neck of my dogs , all ways the other dogs attack my 2 Staffys and mine are controlled and on leads , I recommend large size super tuff harness , large in thick studded collars and super tuff lach leads are the best ..." - Bradley Griffin