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Leather Dog Collar - Handle Collar

Leather Handle Dog Collar
Our wide fit leather handle collars are made of fine quality bridle leather.
The stitching is reinforced with metal studs and our quality leather collars are built to last a lifetime.
The handle has a floating D-Ring and the leash can be released so you can still securely hold your dog before releasing them.

Our professional collar has many uses for close handling and control such as dog obedience, Schutzhund, protection, off-leash guard training and is also ideal for vet visits.

This is a very popular dog collar amongst dog security handlers and dog trainers..


Please note the size Medium is less wide in keeping with the size ratio of the dog.
Size L, XL and XXL are 5.5cm wide
Size Medium is 3.5cm wide

100% Money Back GUARANTEED.
In today's market, everyone's claiming to make the best quality collars but so few are prepared to stand by their claims. How many times do people purchase a great looking collar only to have it fall apart sometimes after only wearing it a few times? We stand by our products and back it up with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on quality. We are committed to our customers and if you receive your product and your not satisfied with the quality we provide a FULL refund no questions asked.
If you have never owned a quality Rogue Royalty product or are unaware of our strength and quality please watch the video below and find out why we are a world leader in quality canine leather dog collars and accessories.