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Rogue Royalty Canine Vest - Weight Ingots


Our Weight Vest Ingots are the perfect complement to our Canine Weight Vests and are specifically designed to fit for your convenience, peace of mind and safety. Available in 250g ingots for an easy, controlled way to add weight to your vest.

Introduce gradually to your dog's training regime. We recommend introducing the vest without any weight. Once your dog is accustomed to the vest, start with two ingots and slowly working up to your desired weight.


Please do not overload your dog when using any weight-based accessory. Do not exceed a combined ingot weight of 10 to 20% of your dog's weight.

Weight Vests with ingots should only be used on adult dogs over two years old with no joint or structural issues. Dogs under this age are still developing and excess strain can impact on their muscle and joint development / health. Not recommended for senior dogs with similar issues.

Made from steel alloy. We do not use lead in our ingots. Despite being a cheaper alternative, we are not comfortable with selling lead products that will be in close contact with humans and dogs.