Weight Pull Harness - SupaTuff®

Weight Pull Harness - SupaTuff®

SUPATUFF® - Weight Pull Dog Harness

In today's busy lifestyle many dogs just don't get the levels of exercise they need. Excess energy and drive may manifest into problematic or even destructive behavior.

Weight pull is known best for building strength in a dog's hips, back legs and shoulders. The more strength a dog has in a joint, the more support the joint has and the less likely the dog is to suffer joint problems long-term however weight pull exercise also provides mental stimulation and confidence building for your dog.

Our weight pull harness is very easy to use and is extremely versatile. You simply slip on the harness and you're ready to go. Even short sessions help build muscle and expel excess energy that may otherwise take longer or require more room.

Rogue Royalty weight pull harnesses are designed to suit small to large size dogs eg boxers, huskys, american staffordshire similar build breeds/types.

The harness is easy to use and fully padded on all contact points for total comfort for your dog.

  • No messy buckles
  • Fully Padded
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Extremely comfortable

Available in 4 sizes. S, M, L and XL

IMPORTANT: Please seek professional advise before you start conditioning your dog for weight pull. We do not recommend heavy weight training before a dog is fully grown and prepared.

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